Workforce management

Planning of the work week, based on work contracts, turnover and cost budgets. Vacation and sick leaves are taken into account. Data collected from time registration terminals or mobile and easy exported to salary systems.

Work Schedule

Automatic generated plan based on work agreement


Real time registrations on terminal, web or mobile

Salary Export

Exporting data directly to payroll systems


Managing employee data both as self-service or import from other HR-systems

Request and action

Request for vacation, sick leave or change of duty. Summarizes in an action list for the manager.

Task registration

Get paid based on tasks


Setup and calculations can be modified by the user


Supports different budget types

User roles

Defined and optional user rights

Quantumleap advanced planning and analytics suite
QL Mobile - Mobile app for managers and employees
QL Assortment - Product category planning and management
QL Time - Workforce management
QL Insight - Advanced analytics
QL Campaign - Multi-channel price promotions and campaigns
QL Price - Price management


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