Functionality for strategic and operational price management

QL Price - Price Management

Rule based price recommendation engine based on external and internal price signals, such as vendor or competitor price changes. Tools to capture competitor prices in a structured manner. Overview of competitor pricing and comparison with matched internal products.


Dashboards and options to build individual product baskets for category- or end-user oriented price comparisons.

Price scraping tool

Industrial level price robots scanning and scraping competitor items and pricing

Price scanning in competitor stores

Specialized apps for manual price scanning in competitor stores

Competitor price monitor tool

Analytics to follow competitor price and compare baskets cross-competitor

Automatic price adjustments
Price Rule Engine

Define rules for automatic price adjustments based on events, like competitor price changes

Price administration
Price Workbench

Effective and efficient price administration of complex price structures

Price differentiation
Price Differentiation

Advanced data model supporting large and complex store hierarchies with differentiated prices

Quantumleap advanced planning and analytics suite
QL Mobile - Mobile app for managers and employees
QL Assortment - Product category planning and management
QL Time - Workforce Management
QL Insight - Advanced Analytics
QL Campaign - Multi-channel price promotions and campaigns management
QL Price - Price Management