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QL Mobile

QL Mobile is a mobile app framework that integrates with other QL products and our customers' other applications. Customer employee's can see their work schedule and request vacations, register inventory, receive store deliveries, and perform campaign-related tasks on-site. With QL Mobile store staff as well as central HQ staff can track performance metrics and follow the company's KPIs.



​Key information is prepared visually, so that everyone can follow the performance status


Time Registration

Registration of working hours is recorded in real time directly in the application. Can also be restricted to GPS locations.


Workforce Management

The employees can see both the work schedule and apply for holiday.


Info Wall

Info wall with information available to everyone


Product Management

In addition to displaying campaign information, users can work with store-related tasks directly in the application.


User Roles

Access to content in the application can be controlled with roles, which can also be integrated with existing access systems.

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