QL Insight - Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics

Dashboard and analytics front-end for other QL products as well as customers’ other 3rd party or internal software

Analytic dashboards

A wide range of dashboards covering most aspects of data relevant to the QL Retail Planning Suite

Core retail metrics
Core Retail Metrics

Showing key performance indicators for revenue, margins, campaign, customers, segments, dialogues, deals, categories, personnel and more

Analytics real time insight

Showing key data from streaming sources in realtime

Open dataw model for analytics
Open Data Model

Use your analytic tool of choice (PowerBI, Qlik, Tableau …) to access and explore the data

Massive Parallel Processing
MPP core

Leveraging Amazon Redshift as analytics engine for premium performance. (Massive Parallel Processing) 

Machine Learning for data insight
ML capabilities

Using ML Platforms for advanced data insight. (Machine Learning)

Quantumleap advanced planning and analytics suite
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QL Insight - Advanced Analytics
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