Management of multi-channel price promotions and campaigns

Planning and operational implementation of marketing activities, from product selection and price decisions, to promotion types and channel choices (4P). Integration with POS solutions to capture transaction events and real-time assignment of personal deals. Advanced customer selection engine with dynamic rules-based automations to handle deals, dialogues, and analytics.

Campaign Planning

Full overview of all marketing activities with advanced and effective drag&drop item planning.


Supporting a wide range of channels in both digital channels (app, web, social etc) and traditional channels (flyers, labels)


Very flexible use of templates supporting web snippets, dialogue outlines and flyers, providing for instant visual review of activity content

Campaign Analytics

A wide range of advanced analytics, providing insight into campaign, dialogue and customer performance

Customer Segmentation

A very advanced behavior based segmentation engine supporting personalized marketing


Comprehensive automatic triggering of individual customer dialogue and deals, based on customer behavior


Define a wide range of individual deals to customer, integrating with POS, Web or a specialized DealEngine

Logistics Support

Full insight in item sales, stock, orders and purchase, to secure item availability in all stores


Specialized tools to improve communication with internal or agency designers

Quantumleap advanced planning and analytics suite
QL Mobile - Mobile app for managers and employees
QL Assortment - Product category planning and management
QL Time - Workforce Management
QL Insight - Advanced Analytics
QL Campaign - Multi-channel price promotions and campaigns management
QL Price - Price Management


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