QL Assortment - Product category planning and management

Category Planning and Management

Handling of products and “positions” through the entire lifecycle from planning, vendor offers, to store distribution decisions

Assortment planning
Category Planning

Effective and efficient planning of assortments, supporting mutli-tier calculation, purchasing, allocations and replenishment

Products handling over seasons
Generations and Seasons

Advanced models to handle generations of products over many seasons and aggregate behavioural data cross season, items and even cross brands

Vendor offer management
Vendor Offer Handling

Vendor offer management, including offer benchmarking

Individual store assortment differentiation
Store Differentiation

Tailor individual store assortment according to local market and customer preferences

Assortmetn category management
Category Management

Monitor category and item performance and take relevant actions

Planning "Cube"
Planning “Cube”

A complete plan laid out in an open data model accessible to your analytics tool of choice

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