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QL Campaign

Elevate your marketing game with QL Campaign! Seamlessly create and manage cross-channel campaigns on a secure, centralized platform, all while tracking performance metrics and analyzing data in real time.

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"Personalization at scale"

Campaign Planning

Campaign Planning

Enables real-time decision-making,  ensuring immediate control and insight through customer data, email, graphics, and ERP systems. 



Supporting a wide range of channels support across digital and traditional platforms, and incorporating both multi- and omni-channel strategies.

Campaign analytics
Customer Segmentation

Campaign Analytics

Customer Segmentation

A wide range of advanced analytics, providing insight into campaign, dialogue and customer performance.

A  very advanced behavior based segmentation engine supporting personalized marketing.

Customer Loyality

Customer loyality

We help you build loyalty with your customers. Through personalized campaigns and targeted automated communication, you ensure engaged customers.



Thorough tracking of sales, stock, orders, and purchases ensures item availability in all stores, facilitating effective campaigns for targeted success.

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