Temalogic was founded in 2011 by Terje Bjørnstadjordet and Magnus Thomsen as a software and management consultancy company.


One of Temalogic’s first projects was to build mobile apps for two Scandinavian retailers. This was back when the mobile app ecosystem was still very young, and it is amazing to see technological as well as sociological changes that have taken place in this space since then.


Alongside with software development, the company performed management consulting engagements in the early years, primarily for clients in the retail industry. But from the beginning, the strategy was to use insights from the intersection of Retail, IT, and management consulting to build a state-of-the art suite of planning and analytics tools for the retail industry. And as the work on the product suite took more and more time, we did less pure consulting work. Currently, all our consulting work is done in relation to the QL product suite.


The first product in the Quantum Leap Retail Suite was QL Campaign that was installed at a leading Norwegian sports goods retailer. Soon after this product was also sold to another leading Norwegian discount store retailer.


At the same time Temalogic was building functionality for customers that are now under the QL Assortment and the QL Price umbrella. A lot of work was also done with datawarehousing, dashboards, and analytics, and this is now part of the QL Insight product as well and our underlying data and analytics platform.


In 2016, Temalogic acquired a Norwegian software developer with subsidiaries in the Baltics and Asia. The acquisition gave Temalogic additional development capacity as well as the QL Time product that was added to the product suite.


The Temalogic team currently consists of about twenty persons located in Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, and Cambodia. We are experiencing strong demand for our products, and are continuously looking for more great people to join our team. If you think you would fit in a growing international technology company with customers in the retail industry, feel free to contact us.

Quantumleap advanced planning and analytics suite
QL Mobile - Mobile app for managers and employees
QL Assortment - Product category planning and management
QL Time - Workforce Management
QL Insight - Advanced Analytics
QL Campaign - Multi-channel price promotions and campaigns management
QL Price - Price Management